I am dedicated to creating unique, elegant and sophisticated weddings. My passion for weddings is what drives me to create your special day according to your one-of-a-kind love story
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At To The T Events we pride ourselves in creating elegant, exclusive, chic and stylish Weddings that are personalised for you. We are designers and artists that are passionate about what we do. We are qualified wedding professionals that will plan your wedding To The T from beginning to end.

The Story...

To The T Events’ Founder and Director, Taryn Weare, is the creative force behind To the T Events. She is a qualified Advanced Wedding and Event Planner, and has been in the industry ‘tying the knot’ for her couples and making every moment To The T for the past seven years. Taryn is a real life example of ‘doing what you love’. From a young age, Taryn would spend her school holidays at her Gran’s florist helping her in the shop and taking care of the flowers. When possible, Taryn would create her own designs with the leftover flowers and make her own little creations (this is where Taryn’s passion and love for Flowers, Weddings and Events all began). Back in school, Taryn would grab every opportunity to plan and coordinate any Event, from Parties to Baby Showers to Farewell Events for her teachers, friends and family. Taryn would plan and coordinate these Events for pleasure and as a chance for her to express her passion. It was rewarding and fulfilling to see others’ happiness, seeing their faces light up as they entered the event. All the signs were present for Taryn, and so she turned the ‘thing’ that she loves the most into a means through which she can transform your dream day into reality. Taryn is passionate about applying her trade, of being creative, going above and beyond to make every Wedding and Event a personal and cherished occasion. Taryn strives to make each Wedding and Event to be a stunning one, for it to be absolutely memorising, and for it never to be forgotten. Excellence is her hallmark and nothing but a Wedding and Event that is ‘To The T’ will do!

Rise, Bloom, Radiate
Like a Lotus flower we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world
Taryn Weare


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